My desire is to serve the church through the work of my paintbrush and the words of my pen. To both offer up my art and thinking, and to help equip the body of Christ to receive the many gifts that God is sending them in the visual arts.  


This blog will include both the personal and the educational. In education my aim is to help other believers navigate and build frameworks for interpreting, understanding, and of course appreciating, both Christian and secular art; and in doing so, to open doors for visual art to be used both corporately and individually in worship and spiritual growth, for the benefit of the body and the glory of God.


The personal will intersect with art, my art in particular, and my life in both its contentments and struggles. This will take the form of more in process thinking about art making, as well as issues related to Christian living.


I believe in One God in three persons, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. That God, through the Son created the universe and all that is in it. I believe that humanity is created in the image of God, and in the beginning all was good. I believe that God, as a property of his creation, gave free and willing choice to his creatures and that Adam in his choice of disobedience, as humanity's federal head, brought sin into the world, and death through sin. With the entrance of sin, all that was good in creation became bent, and creation groans under the weight of sin.  

I believe that, in order to redeem the world and his people, The father sent the son to be the propitiation for sin. That Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, was fully man and yet still fully God; humbled himself taking the form of man, experienced all that human's experience and yet was without sin. Without sin, he was crucified, died and was buried. In three days he defeated death and was raised. Through his sinless death he paid the debt against the people of God, and all who believe on his name are covered and justified by his sacrifice. Those who believe and are justified by God are then called to live holy lives in response to the grace they have been given, loving God and loving their neighbors, increasing in their sanctification until death when they will be alive again with Christ on high.


I have an MFA from Northern Illinois University in studio art with an emphasis in painting and art history. I enjoy researching and teaching modern art (1860-1960), but paint in an older style. I am a representational oil painter, and my subject matter ranges from portraits and figures to interiors and landscapes. I live in the Chicago area with my husband, the love of my life, and our three young(ish) children. My studio is gradually taking over the basement and the books are taking over the rest of the house. I teach the weekly women's bible study at my church and am an adjunct professor of art at a local community college.

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